Training to use pet steps

Of course I have to start off a training post with the old saying, You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. In my case, I was looking at training an old dog and an old cat how to climb pet steps.

This first thing I tried was walking them up with a leash. My dog did not like that idea one bit. I then took a flat board and laid it over the steps to make a dog ramp. He took to this much better and after about the fifth try on the leash, he started to do up by himself. Next I tried out the cat ramp. He really had no issue with it just like the stairs. Once I had them both going up and down, and removed the board and had them test again with the steps. It worked like a charm so we moved on to the next challenge. Moving the steps to the couch.

I wish I would have started with the couch because it is a bit lower than the top of my bed so the last step is a lot shorter. Both animals used the dog stairs without any coaxing this time.

Some other tips that might help is to put the steps in a location where they would normally jump up on the furniture anyway. This way the only thing new to their existing habit is walking up the steps. Also, you can use the tried and true method of positive reinforcement and a healthy amount of treats!