Dog Stairs – Where are the reviews?

As a pet owner, I take great pride in the care of my animals. I have had both a cat and dog since they were young. We have all grown together and I have seen the different seasons of their life. They would run and chase each other when young, had a few small quarrels over toys and food, and even protected each other from a raccoon. They are both getting older now and their favorite thing to do is sleep.

As they continue to age, getting up and down from the higher places has become more of a challenge. I decided to start a quest to find some sort of pet ramp or pet stairs to assist in getting back up to their favorite spots in my bed and on the sofa.

When I started looking online for different options, two things stuck out right away. The cat stairs and cat steps available would not be large enough to be used as doggy steps. Also, I didn’t trust many of the reviews online as they seemed bogus or tied to a manufacturer’s website.

After finding dog stairs I really liked, I decided to write my own review to help others in the same situation as me. My favorite pick was the OxGord Dog Stairs.